Justin Rupple is a multi-talented performer, renowned for his hilarious impressions, stand up comedy, and impressive range as an actor and musician. Justin’s talent for impressions recently  caught the attention of industry professionals, leading him to secure a coveted spot on the popular TV series “America’s Got Talent.” He wowed audiences and judges alike with his uncanny impressions, earning a thumbs-up from all four judges. With his infectious energy and quick wit, Justin has become a sought-after performer, entertaining audiences worldwide. Whether on stage, in the studio, or on the big screen, he continues to captivate audiences with his unique blend of talent and charisma.

Howie Mandel
We have a lot of impressionists on the show. The two places I lack with impressions is number one, not knowing who they are doing. And, number two, not having material. And I think you check both boxes. That was really funny and really interesting and I haven’t seen that before. We love you!
Heidi Klum
You just blew it out of the water, and I love everything about you You are a star already in the making. Definately original. Very original!
Simon Cowell
I agree with everything everyone said, and I think your story, Justin, is kind of like what is show all about. You are somebody who is unbelievably talented…but then has an opportunity like this, you know, to reach a wider audience.
Sofia Vergara
It was fun, it was entertaining. It was just not doing voices. You created your own little story, and I really enjoyed it. I think you have a great future!
Louie Anderson
What are you still doing here in Seattle? You can't stay here Justin. I saw your set. You have to leave for LA. I saw the dream in your eyes up there. And every day you're not up there you are losing time."
Dana Carvey
This guy blows my mind! His impressions, his writing, I love it!
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